Meet Cara

Burnt Beech was founded by Cara Bourn, and her love for soy candles began after a simple quest to find a new hobby as part of her new year resolutions. After trying a number of different potential hobbies, including jewellery making, cake pop designing and photography, Cara found that her true calling was soy candles and her journey began. Every one of her friends and family soon received a unique soy scented candle for either their next birthday and/or Christmas present, as Cara started practising mastering the art of candle making.

Practise, practise, practise was exactly what Cara did – candle making is an art and requires a delicate balancing of ingredients to be world class… and Burnt Beech prides its self on producing the perfect soy wax candle of the finest quality. That is why, from the very beginning Cara conducted a program of carefully planned experiments, utilising world renowned product design and quality control methods. This ensured that every single candle produced was of the highest possible standard. Once all of the required measures, inputs and specs had been fully understood and rigorously tested the candles were handmade with careful attention, one by one and using precise production methods and Burnt Beech was born!

Fun Facts about Cara

Favourite Holiday location – Hawaii
Favourite Burnt Beech Product – Mint Mojito Candles
Favourite colour – Pink
Favourite Food – Pizza
Party Trick – Irish Dancing
3 things you would take to a desert island – a travel candle, my notebook and my hubby.